Developing Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills – creative, critical and independent – play a key part in supporting learning across core subjects and equipping students with 21st century skills. Full Course Details

Incorporating the development of creative thinking skills across subjects, increases students’ confidence and raises the whole performance of the school itself. These were the key findings of Ofsted in Learning: Creative Approaches That Raise Standards, 2010.

This certified online course covers:

  • Thinking Skills for the 21st Century
  • Finding and using reliable information to support Thinking Skills
  • Developing creativity in problem-solving
  • Managing the creative thinking process & The value of sharing ideas
  • We are now taking registrations for our Spring term course starting January 2016

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    Developing Thinking Skills

    This course looks at practical ways of exploring and developing creative thinking skills in the school environment, equipping pupils with the tools and strategies to find answers and become confident in developing and sharing their problem-solving ideas.

    Duration Learning Hours Online Seminars Tasks Assignments Key Stage Suitable For
    3 Months 20 (includes Tasks and Meetings) 4 4 0 KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 Teachers, Literacy Co-ordinators, TAs, HLTAs

    Course Structure

    Session 1. Thinking Skills for the 21st Century
    What are 21st Century skills and why do they matter? Understanding creativity, innovation and resilience. The importance of ideas for inventing and problem-solving.

    Session 2. Finding and using reliable information to support Thinking Skills
    In a world of information overflow, equipping pupils with the skills to find and use reliable, accurate and valid information from multiple sources. Understanding and applying different criteria to make judgements on usefulness. How to use good information to support creative problem-solving.

    Session 3. Developing creativity in problem-solving
    Understanding the process of creative problem-solving: Learning to value all unique perspectives – every voice counts, overcoming self-limiting rules/beliefs that limit finding answers. From stating the obvious to blue-sky thinking. Using mind-maps/flow charts to support thinking and record information.

    Session 4. Managing the creative thinking process & The value of sharing ideas
    Understanding failure in the context of inventing and problem-solving. Developing strategies for adapting to the unexpected. Exploring the conflict in collaborating. Asking questions and changing perspective.
    Creating a safe space for sharing ideas. Exploring feedback versus criticism. Being able to express ideas using story-telling, presentation skills and using different tools such as animated/cartoon software to share the idea.

    Who is this course for?

  • Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • SEN/D Coordinators
  • School Librarians
  • Course Organisation and Requirements
    Developing Thinking Skills is an online course, delivered via our Support4Schools virtual learning environment where all course resources, including video tutorials are provided. Participants maintain contact with the tutor via email and through online meetings. You can interact with other course participants using the forums on the eLearning site. The eLearning area also contains a number of resources and links to useful websites and articles. To access the eLearning site and online meetings you require a computer with internet access and speakers / headphones, or a smartphone or tablet with the relevant apps installed. Course requirements include some workbased tasks related to your identified area of focus. They are designed to fit in with your work commitments to minimise the amount of any additional work. The course takes place over a 3 month period from the time you enrol, with 4 online meetings. On successful completion of the course candidates will receive a course completion certificate.

    Course Tutor
    Elaine France. Elaine is currently a teacher librarian in an International School in Switzerland and a Creative Leadership Coach, following 20 years working in the UK public and civil society sector. She brings this experience and expertise in information management, business development, entrepreneurship and teaching to the course.

    Course duration

  • Four month’s access to resources and training in the eLearning area.
  • Four online seminars
  • Tutor support.
  • Course Fees
    £249.99 +VAT

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